Pricing + Services


Individual counseling in English and Spanish is available. 

Therapy for Adults

Individual therapy provides an opportunity to unpack and work through issues that might be holding you back from your ideal life.If you are struggling with any of the following concerns, please call me for a free 15 minute consultation.  

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Caregiving

  • Adult Children

  • Women’s Issues

  • First generation college students and professionals

  • Anger/Frustration

  • Childhood Trauma

  • Family Conflict

  • Grief/Loss

  • Stress

  • Work Conflict 

  • Relationship Issues

  • Life Transitions 

Therapy for Caregivers

The aging process can be a challenging part of everyone’s lives; friends, family and the individual. Therefore, it is important for everyone involved to have all the support they need.  Caring for someone who is ill or aging is never easy, whether it is a parent, partner or any other loved-one. Taking on the role of a caregiver and seeing the person you care for progress, can change your life upside down. As a caregiver you are faced with many feelings; fear, sadness, loneliness, anger, guilt and frustration. Then it becomes difficult to juggle the different roles in your life; your career, relationships, children and your social life. These overwhelming feelings and roles start taking a toll on the person and can often lead to depression, anxiety and isolation. Whether you are taking care of a parent, spouse or another loved-one, I would like to be there to support you. 

Caregiver Support Groups

Are you caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or another dementia? You don’t have to go through this journey by yourself. Caregiving is a tough and isolating experience and not everyone understands what you are going through. Join a group of caregivers to find support and build community. Please contact me for more information. 

In Office - In Home - Online

  • Private sessions in my office in Torrance, California, conveniently located for you to access our care.

  • Home session if counseling in your home appears to be the best option for your care.

  • This service is provided to individuals living California. I use a confidential online secure video system, similar to Facetime and Skype, to provide psychotherapy.

I am an Out-of-Network provider for PPO insurances and can provide you with a medical receipt for reimbursement purposes. Not all PPO insurances have out-of-network benefits, please call your insurance to ask about these benefits.