Lorena Salazar

Thank you for visiting my page and taking the first step of your self-care journey. 

Therapy is helpful whether you are going through a life transition or struggling to manage intense emotions. Perhaps you’re in a phase in your life where feelings have become overwhelming and everything seems too much; then control starts to slip away. That’s when the anxiety and depression start to creep in. It’s uncomfortable when you must sit with those feelings without relief. Having to face those emotions and challenges daily is exhausting. Would a person who could help you reorganize the chaos be beneficial? What about someone who understands exactly where you are in life? I provide a safe space to help with your depression, anxiety, grief and loss, caregiving challenges more.

I am a therapist in Torrance serving all of the South Bay area. For more than nine years I have worked with individuals in community-based and private settings. During therapy we can work together to help you find meaning, direction and healing.  Together we can create an individual treatment plan that meets your needs. 

I provide therapy in English or Spanish and offer evening and weekend appointments. 

My South Bay Therapy

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Therapy for Adults

Individual therapy provides an opportunity to unpack and work through issues that might be holding you back from your ideal life.

Therapy for Caregivers

The aging process can be a challenging part of everyone’s lives; friends, family and the individual. Therefore, it is important for everyone involved to have all the support they need.  

Caregiver Support Groups

Are you caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or another dementia? You don’t have to go through this journey by yourself.

Online Therapy

Use our online platform to protect confidentiality for your sessions.


“I realize how difficult and challenging life can get. My goal is to provide you a safe space of healing and serenity.”

— Lorena Salazar —